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GHS Class of 1967 Fiftieth Reunion

The Class of 1967 is holding their 50th reunion Saturday September 23, 2017 at the Embassy Suites, Blue Ash, Ohio.

To all attendees:

We need your reservations & checks by August 31;

In fact, sooner would be better, since in late August we will be ordering Hot & Cold Hors’ Oeuvres for the reunion.  In addition, The Embassy Suites requires an exact number of attendees prior to the event.

I know that there a few of you who are still working on clearing up conflicts to be able to attend.  If you have a problem & need additional time, email me with your time constraints as I can probably hold a few spots open past August 31.

Reservations are $40 per person.  Make checks payable to & send to:

Richard Vining

3583 Kehr Road

Oxford, Ohio  45056

Final (hopefully) Schedule

Friday late afternoon & evening

An informal, ad hoc gathering in the hotel bar, restaurant and atrium.  This Embassy’s first floor has a separate bar & separate restaurant next to a single very large open living room type of Atrium.  We plan on informally taking over the most of the first floor and going out to dinner in small groups and then returning to the bar & Atrium for as long as the evening lasts.  I would suggest starting gathering from 4 to 6 pm, although classmates may be arriving all evening.

Saturday Afternoon

The “Pioneer Room” will be open for 2 hours (noon to 2:00 pm).  The Pioneer Room is the old Band Room in the white “Community Building” in Greenhills.  The Pioneer Room is the alumni association’s museum for all things Pioneer.  The room has copies of almost every yearbook, many literary books, Band uniforms, Varsity sports uniforms, and large number of photographs and other artifacts.  If you have never seen the “Pioneer Room” it is a great trip down memory lane.

Also, as you enter the main front doors of the Community Building, down both the right & left halls is a display: The Hall of Heroes is the creation of retired school district teacher Glenn Grundei, class of 1966.  It is a permanent display of photos, newspapers, and memorabilia that tells the story of every war since World War I. It is Grundei’s way of thanking members of the military for being modern day heroes.  The display includes school district members who served in the military in wartime.  The fathers of at least 2 of our classmates, as well as many other classes are on display.

If you visit the Community Building Saturday from noon to 2 pm, please enter & exit using the main door up the steps in the front of the building.  Please do not exit thru any other door.  The Greenhills Alumni Association is making this visit possible and is responsible if any other doors are left open.


Saturday EveningYou must have a prepaid reservation to attend this event.

The time has been changed; we have the Grand Ballroom from 7 pm until 11:30 pm. The ballroom is right off the main Atrium discussed above, so although we might be able to stay in the ballroom somewhat past 11:30 pm, we can just flow out into the Atrium & bar. 



Wake up and eat the made to order breakfast at the Embassy, and say your goodbyes.


This is an invitation to alums from other GHS classes to attend!

We are not having a dinner.  We have the Grand Ballroom, just off the center Atrium of the Embassy Suites.  We plan on having the Ballroom wide open in the middle with plenty of room to mingle and socialize with each other.  On the perimeter there will be some seating and tables.  Also on the perimeter there will be several food stations with Hot & Cold Hors’ Oeuvres. 

We also plan on having background music from the 1960s & 1970s, not so loud as to get in the way of talking & mingling.  As the evening gets later, if people want to dance, we can turn up the volume.

Think of this event as a large cocktail party or professional reception.

The cost is $40 per person.  Since the Embassy Suites requires a firm head count prior to the event, you cannot just show up at the door, you will need make a reservation and prepay.

If you need more information or wish to register and pay, contact Dick Vining at:


April Aloisio sings!!!!!


Saturday, August 26 – The Village Troubadour

7:00 – 9:00 pm – 46 Eswin St., Greenhills, OH 45218, 513-648-9357







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•   John Donovan (1966)


•   Brenda Ranshaw (Moore) (1967)  8/16
•   Mark Rechenberg (1967)  8/14
•   Dennis Haessig (1967)  8/13
•   Dick Vining (1967)  8/11
•   Barbara Coppinger (Cohen) (1969)  8/9
•   Michael Mills (1970)  8/4
•   Linda Vanover (Mast) (1968)  8/3
•   Judy Vanover (Turner) (1971)  8/1
•   John Ennever (Ennever) (1968)  7/29
•   Joe Tilford (1967)  7/26
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•   Donna McArthur (Dieckman) (1970)  8/19
•   Evelyn Schadow (Sommhammer) (1966)  8/19
•   Christine Kuhrt (Cress) (1971)  8/21
•   Viva Lea Blake (1970)  8/22
•   Sheri Carlson (Holmes) (1970)  8/22
•   Barbara Mautz (Casey) (1971)  8/22
•   Wally Rhodes (1967)  8/22
•   Barb Melloh (1969)  8/23
•   Mike Brown (1969)  8/25
•   Char Warman (Jones) (1971)  8/25
•   Geoffrey Cross (1971)  8/26
•   Carl Jensen (1970)  8/27
•   Nancy Frasure (Lewis) (1971)  8/28
•   James Hatch (1969)  8/29
•   Ben Foulk (1971)  8/30
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