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I noticed on the GHS Alumni Link for the 68' class that there are only about 20 people using this site from that year. Since we are approaching our 50th year in 2018, I would like to recruit the assistance from any classmates possibly using facebook or other social media, or even word of mouth, to try to see if we could possibly notify more members from the 1968 class. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

As from other classes it would be open invitation to other GHS alumni also.

Time is running out!

Thank you,
Mike (Willie) Williamson

Hi All,

I have organized some "informal gatherings" the past 2 years right around Christmas Time. I was asked to do it again this year and see if we could get more folks to come. 

Last year, we had about 30 people, including some spouses meet at Jax Tavern in Forest Park. The folks consisted of GHS grads as well as some others from Greenhills/FP who attended Bacon, X or OLA. The event was buy your own food and drinks and have a great time!

Previously I did this only through any FaceBook Friends I managed to accumulate over the years, but Mike Mills has offered this site as a means to get more participation....thanks Mike!!!

ANYWAY,  I would like to see how many folks might be interested this year. I am tentatively planning on DECEMBER 27TH around 6:30.

The place is yet to be determined, but probably somewhere around Greenhills/Forest Park Area. DEPENDS ON THE INTEREST & NUMBER OF FOLKS!

I prefer the "buy your own" format as I live in Thailand and it is difficult for me to set up a formal setting, like a buffet etc.

I am class of 68, but have no limits on other classes participation....come one and all smiley

So, let me know....preferably sooner than later if you have any interest and how many of you would come (spouses, etc)


Tom Wilson


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